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Is it possible to use a 24 volt inverter on a 48 volt battery?

There are ways to make it work, but probably not worth it. A direct connect would fry the electronics. you probably don’t really have a 48 volt battery, but more likely have some cells in series, like perhaps 4 – 12volt batteries in series in which case you could tap off from two of the batteries that have a positive and negative connected together, and you would have a potential difference of 24 volts between the other positive and negative terminal of that pair of batteries, however you would be discharging these and not the other two batteries when you ran the inverter leaving them discharged and the other two charged. another way that is a waste of power, and kind of hokey, is placing another 24volt load in series with your inverter that would create a sort of voltage divider with that load and your inverter in series being a 48 volt load. The other load would have to be able to handle all the amps that the inverter was pulling passing through it ( a bank of car headlamps comes to mind wired in series and parallel to create a 24 volt load that could handle the amps). probably not a good idea, but in an end of the world situation it could be done… you could get even further in a Rube Goldberg sort of way, and run a 48 volt electric motor that has a 24 volt generator connected to a 24 volt battery pack, but that is getting way out there. There are other ways available, but not practical. I would just tap 24 volts from your batteries, and go with it…

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