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Youthpower new  design 25.6v600AH LiFePO4 battery pack

The Youthpower 25.6V 600AH youthpower solar battery storage system is the best in its class.


This home solar battery has been designed to be UL1642 qualified with Lifepo4 cells at 3.2V 100AH for the whole battery pack 8S6P, which will give you maximum power output and longer battery lifespan.


The BMS applied to this home solar battery has CAN & RS485 communication port, allowing you to control it from a remote location if needed. The BMS also allows for finger-touch LCD screen that clearly displays real-time information about your home solar energy system and the battery working status (charged/discharged). We have found that our customers like this feature very much – they feel that it gives them peace of mind when they are away from home or overnight.


Our company is dedicated to developing high-quality batteries for use in renewable energy systems. We believe that by using our products, you can help save money on electricity bills while also reducing pollution caused by fossil fuels!


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