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How can I ship lithium batteries from the USA to Europe?

We get it—you’re trying to ship lithium batteries from the USA to Europe. We’ve all been there.

Unfortunately, it can be a little tricky. If you try to send them by air, many airlines won’t take them as air cargo. You can send them by ocean freight or intentionally misrepresent and mislabel them (probably not a good idea).

From the UPS webste:

Shipping lithium batteries by air service Effective 1 January 2015, lithium metal batteries shipped without equipment are prohibited on passenger aircraft. These shipments are limited to the UPS International Dangerous Goods (IDG) network. Please see the countries approved for “IDG”, as shown on UPS Approved Countries List: Page on While all lithium batteries are classified as hazardous materials (also referred to as dangerous goods), there are exceptions for common small sizes of these batteries that simplify the rules for shipping these items. This document describes the rules for shipping these small lithium batteries

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