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Server Rack LiFePO4 Solar Batteries

Rack Module 48V 200AH 5U Lifepo4 Solar Storage Battery


High quality, high capacity solar batteries at a great price! These are taking over the market because they have everything. State of charge indicator, communication system, high quality BMS and a circuit breaker! These features improve the installation process and scalability substantially!


The YOUTHPOWER Rack Module 48V 200AH 5U server rack lifepo4 battery is the perfect solution for your server environment. The unique design of these batteries ensures that they provide you with consistent performance throughout their lifespan. The integrated communication system allows you to monitor your battery’s performance from anywhere in the world, which makes it easy to spot any issues before they become problems.


5kwh 24 48v server rack lifepo4


If you’re looking for a high quality, high capacity solar battery, you’ve come to the right place. Our server rack battery is designed to fit in standard 19″ racks and can be used in backup power systems as well as grid-tie systems. It’s compatible with most inverters and solar charge controllers on the market today.

This is a Lifepo4 battery, so it’s safe, reliable and durable! You’ll get a 5 year warranty on the battery itself and 2 years on all its subcomponents, including the battery management system (BMS). The battery also comes with communication capabilities built in—you can remotely monitor its state of charge through our mobile app or web portal.

We believe that everyone should have access to affordable renewable energy solutions that make good financial sense—so when you buy one of these batteries from us, we’ll also donate another one to someone who needs it!

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