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Introducing The Stackable Integrated Battery

The stackable integrated battery system is a smart household energy storage system. It uses high-voltage LiFePO4 battery module, single module is 51.2V 100Ah and 1 to 3 layers recommended. Cobalt free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries are used in this system. These batteries have maximum safety, life cycle and power. The batteries can be used on grid or hybrid on and off-grid solar energy storage system.


Self consumption optimization for residential and commercial applications is another benefit of this system. Modular design simplifies transport and installation.


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If you’re looking for a way to get more bang out of your solar energy, we’ve got what you need.


Introducing the LifePo4 Battery 10-35KWH, a stackable energy storage system that is both affordable and high-performance.


This smart household energy storage system uses LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries, which are cobalt free and can be used in any type of solar or hybrid on- or off-grid application.


The battery module is 51.2V 100Ah, and one to three layers are recommended depending on your needs.


We believe in the power of youth, and we want young people everywhere to have access to clean energy solutions. That’s why when you purchase this product, we’ll donate 10% of the profits back into projects that support youth empowerment!


We’ve been working hard to develop the perfect energy storage system for your home.


We’re happy to introduce you to the Stackable Integrated Battery, a smart household energy storage system that uses high-voltage LiFePO4 battery module. The modules are cobalt free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries that have maximum safety, life cycle, and power.


You can use these batteries in grid or hybrid on and off-grid solar energy storage systems.


The modular design of this system simplifies transport and installation.

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