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Where can I buy an inverter battery online?

When it comes to buying the best inverter battery for your home, a few factors are important to consider before the purchase. This will help you select the best one for your home.

Let us quickly have a look at these factors followed by the best inverter battery available in the market right now.

Important Factors to consider before buying an inverter battery-

Type of battery-

Tubular batteries are best for long and frequent power cuts. They charge faster than flat plate batteries and are thus more reliable.

So always look for Tubular batteries as they provide the best value for money. Also their maintenance is quite low thus saving a lot of your money with these type of batteries.

Battery Warranty provided-

FOC- In this period if any of the cells fall out you get a free replacement.

ProRota- Here you will have to pay some money to for the replacement. So always choose FOC as the best warranty claim.

You need to consider the warranty period with each brand and go with the best warranty period provided as per your need.


Look for capacities ranging from 120 Ah to 200 Ah. Smaller capacity will have less price. But the best purchase for long time would be of a battery with 150 Ah or bigger capacity.


Look for Luminous, Amaron and Exide as your best brands to buy inverter battery for your home. An inverter battery from a well-known brand will last long. Also you will get great service from these leading brands easily.

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