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Who should win the science awards for Lithium-ion batteries?

The Engineers at Hewlett Packard Enterprise have made some innovative strides in replacing the traditional Lead Acid batteries used in the UPS with a Lithium-ion battery version. This required a lot of careful design and could be eligible for consideration based on these innovations.

•Integrated ACC—Corrects the power factor closer to unity in low-load conditions
• Small footprint—Get the same power as previous generations in 1/3 the footprint—only 3U for 15kVA instead of 6U
• Lithium-ion battery technology—Provides a smaller and lighter solution with up to five minutes hold-up time
•Modular design—Separates electronics from the battery, making each hotswappable
• Programmable battery charging—Lowers power overhead even further
• Harmonic improvement—Controls the step-down transformer to address harmonic distortion

The concept is is called DirectFlow and is a Uninterruptible Power System.

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