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Why Choose Solar Lithium Batteries More Than Lead-acid Batteries

The lithium battery is small in size and light in weight, and the equipment saves costs: Nowadays, all-in-one road street lamps are widely used in solar lamps all over the world. If lead-acid batteries are used, they must be buried in the ground around the street lamps and placed in underground boxes. If lithium batteries are used , because its net weight is relatively light, it can be externally connected to the back of the solar panel, saving costs.


Solar Lithium batteries have less environmental pollution than lead-acid batteries, and are low-carbon and environmentally friendly: we all know that lead-acid batteries have a short service life. Although it is cost-effective, it is likely to be replaced once a year, which will greatly increase air pollution. In addition, lead-acid batteries themselves have more serious environmental pollution than lithium batteries. If they are not replaced immediately, they will always cause adverse effects on the natural environment. Lithium batteries have zero pollution, while lead-acid batteries contain excessive lead and heavy metals.


Lithium batteries are more intelligent systems: Today’s lithium batteries are becoming more and more intelligent systems, and their functions are more complete. At this stage, lithium batteries can be adjusted according to the customer’s regulations on rechargeable batteries and the use time. Many lithium batteries can be installed with the BMS intelligent management system, which can instantly query the battery status on the mobile phone, and can automatically identify the current strength of the rechargeable battery. If there is an abnormal phenomenon, the BMS system software can automatically adjust.

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