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10 kwh lifepo4 battery Wall with Hybrid inverter

YOUTHPOWER 10 kwh lifepo4 battery Solar Wall Battery with Hybrid inverter, Location : UAE


12v 400ah lithium ion battery


YOUTHPOWER is the first ever solar battery company in the UAE to offer a hybrid system in various sizes. Each unit combines the conventional power grid with a solar/powerwall system to offer an uninterrupted supply of power.


This battery is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to be able to store their solar power, but doesn’t want to sacrifice space or design. It’s a hybrid inverter with lithium ion batteries, so you can store enough power from your solar panels to keep your appliances running all night long!


The YouthPOWER 10KWH Solar Wall Battery has an impressive 48v lithium ion battery and 24v 400ah lithium ion battery for maximum efficiency. And if you’re worried about having enough space for your solar panels, fear not—this battery includes a 10 kwh lifepo4 battery that will hold all of your extra energy!


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