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Battery cell material price increase day by day!

The popularity of domestic new energy vehicles in 2021 exceeded expectations. The latest forecast of the China Automobile Association is that sales of new energy vehicles will reach 3.4 million in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 1.5 times.


With the explosive growth of new energy vehicles, the domestic battery production capacity did not break out in advance as expected. Today, the battery and battery raw materials on the market are insanely scarce, and the price is also rising all the way.


According to the “Shanghai Securities News” report, the lithium carbonate industry, which has already taken the lead, is expected to have a bright future in 2022.


Regarding the recent rise in the price of lithium carbonate, the person in charge of a lithium carbonate enterprise in Qinghai told reporters that the relationship between supply and demand is still very tense, and settlements are made at the “current price” every day.


“We also predict that it may reach 300,000 yuan per ton before the Spring Festival, but after the New Year’s Day, the price will break through the 300,000 yuan mark.” Moreover, customers who come to “seek carbon” do not ask the price, and everyone will take it when they have the goods. “Some customers can’t get the goods because of the ‘relationship’, and the company has no excess inventory at all.”


The latest transaction price of battery-grade lithium carbonate produced by his company is 320,000 yuan / ton. In his opinion, lithium carbonate is already “astronomically expensive”, but he is not worried about selling it at all.


Statistics show that since the single-day increase of 10,000 yuan / ton on January 5 this year, the price of battery-grade lithium carbonate rose again on January 6, reaching the price of 292,000 yuan / ton to 300,000 yuan / ton, 296,000 yuan / ton. The average price of RMB/ton increased by RMB 8,000 from the previous day, and increased by 6.47% from the beginning of the year.


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