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The Current New Energy Industry Hot Concerns

The annual “two sessions” are underway in Beijing. Energy Storage and Power Market sorted out the speeches, proposals and documents related to new energy and energy storage during the two sessions to see what hot topics are on the minds of delegates and members, and what countermeasures are put forward.

Make progress while maintaining stability

We will promote low-carbon energy transformation in an orderly manner

Key words: ensuring energy supply, making progress while maintaining stability

In general Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech during the deliberation of the Delegation of Inner Mongolia and Premier Li Keqiang’s government work report, they put forward clear ideas and requirements on the ways and steps of green energy transition, namely: on the premise of ensuring energy supply, we should make progress before we break down, and promote the low-carbon energy transition.

General Secretary Xi’s speech stressed that green transformation is a process, not something that can be accomplished overnight. It is difficult to fundamentally change the coal-dominated energy mix in the short term. To achieve the “dual carbon” goal, we must base ourselves on China’s national conditions, seek progress while maintaining stability and realize it gradually. We should not be disengaged from reality, rush for success, engage in campaign carbon reduction or slam on the brakes.

Optimize the construction environment for renewable energy projects

We will move forward with the construction of large bases to enhance our capacity for consumption

Key words: large landscape base, regulatory power supply

In this year’s government work report, it is clearly proposed to promote the planning and construction of large-scale photovoltaic power bases and their supporting regulatory power sources, and improve the power grid’s capacity to absorb renewable energy generation.

He Lifeng, director of the National Development and Reform Commission, also made clear the construction task of 450 million kw large-scale wind power photovoltaic base in the desert, gobi and desert in the interview of ministers this year, which will become the largest new energy base construction project in the history of Our country.

In order to improve the absorption capacity of new energy, the construction of safe and reliable UHV transmission and transformation lines and the construction of flexible and diversified, multi-energy complementary power supply system is the key.

In addition, land use standards are not clear, new energy power station development and industrial investment in some areas have not been unbound, photovoltaic electricity price and coal electricity price unbound and other practical problems closely related to project implementation and operation were also mentioned by representatives and members.

Build the electricity price formation mechanism of energy storage.

Improve the operation economy of energy storage power station.

Key words: energy storage demand, capacity electricity price, market participation mechanism

At present, new energy configured energy storage and independent energy storage power stations are being planned and constructed in full force all over the country. However, energy storage projects are faced with problems such as difficult economic guarantee, lack of participation in the power market mechanism, and the requirement of mandatory configuration also increases the development cost of new energy projects.

To this end, cao Renxian, chairman of Sunshine Power, Wu Gang, chairman of Goldwind Technology, Chen Kangping, General manager of Jinkosolar, Zeng Yuqun, chairman of Ningde Times and other representatives made suggestions during this year’s two sessions.

In terms of energy storage configuration scale and demand, representatives suggested carrying out local energy storage demand research, carrying out capacity configuration and power configuration analysis, economic analysis, according to local conditions to determine the reasonable configuration scale and time node of new energy storage. According to the power system regulation capacity, energy storage capacity demand information will be released annually to provide better guidance for energy storage project construction.

In terms of independent energy storage pricing mechanism, representatives suggested the establishment of a capacity pricing mechanism to form a stable and reasonable revenue space. At the same time, the trading mechanism, price formation mechanism and technical standards for new energy storage to participate in medium and long-term trading market, spot market and auxiliary service market should be clarified to promote energy storage to obtain benefits through participation in electricity market services.

We will promote stable supply and price of domestic lithium resources

Key words: key metal resources supply chain security

The rapid growth of lithium battery demand and capacity has led to a new surge in lithium carbonate prices and concerns about the supply of key metal resources.

Although China’s lithium battery capacity and lithium salt production capacity are both at the forefront of the world, the supply of domestic lithium raw materials is insufficient, and there is a high degree of external dependence at present.

To this end, Zeng Yuqun, chairman of Ningde Lithium, Jiang Weiping, chairman of Tianqi Lithium, Chen Hong, chairman of SAIC Group, etc., put forward suggestions on the supply and price stability of battery metal resources, stressing that the exploration and development of domestic lithium resources should be accelerated to ensure the supply chain security of lithium, cobalt, nickel and other key metal resources.

In order to accelerate the green development of sichuan lithium resources, Jiang Weiping suggested that we should establish and improve the guarantee system for the development and utilization of mineral resources, strengthen the infrastructure construction of mining areas, guarantee the production and living factors such as roads, hydropower, introduce enterprises with higher mining capacity and processing capacity, and promote the development and utilization of mineral resources with high quality.

We will establish and improve carbon trading mechanisms

Promote green electricity consumption

Key words: green electricity + carbon management system

Recognizing the contribution of green electricity consumption to carbon emission reduction and promoting green electricity consumption through building an incentive mechanism with carbon pricing and carbon trading as the core is becoming a new direction of attention.

The proposals of Nan Cunhui, chairman of Chint Group, and Wu Gang, chairman of Goldwind Technology, both involve improving the carbon trading mechanism, including improving the level and effectiveness of legislation on the carbon trading market; Expand the coverage of national carbon market trading in a rapid and orderly manner, and enrich trading varieties; Form a nationwide monitoring, verification and disclosure of the “green electricity + carbon management system” and other aspects.

In addition, it has been clearly stated in this year’s government work report that new renewable energy and raw material energy consumption will not be included in the total energy consumption cap, which will further promote low-carbon and green production in the new energy manufacturing sector, so as to meet the incremental demand for energy under the rapid deployment of new capacity without increasing carbon emissions.

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