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Guangdong port congestion affect the global supply chain

“The congestion of the container ports in southern China paralyzed world trade.” The COVID19 epidemic in Guangdong Province, one of the main centers of global container trade, caused the work of major ports in southern China such as Shenzhen Yantian Port in Guangdong Province, the largest single terminal in the world, to be suspended. This causes congestion. Some analysts believe that the congestion in southern China’s ports may have a more serious impact than the blockade of the Suez Canal in Egypt by the “Changci” freighter in March. An expert told the Global Times reporter that the “shutdown” of Yantian Port to a certain extent will have a significant impact on international logistics and global supply chains, but the impeded global logistics and trade are not formed within a day, but after the outbreak. It is caused by the superposition of multiple factors.


It may delay some of our recent deliveries to worldwide customers. We are so sorry about the unconvinced caused and will update you soon with our forwarder once everything settle down and thanks for your understanding.


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