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Should I buy a solar system if I’m selling my house?

We don’t recommend installing solar if you’re planning on selling your house, but we do think it’s a good idea to install it on your next home.


Solar panels are expensive, and they can take years off the life of your roof. That’s why we recommend waiting until you’ve bought another house before making the investment.


However, if you’re interested in adding solar to your current home, there are some things to consider: firstly, is it cost-effective? In some regions (such as California), adding solar panels will increase the value of your home by more than the cost of installation. So maybe it’s worth considering!


You’ll also want to think about whether or not this will be appealing to potential buyers—some may value that feature and be willing to pay for it, while others may not be willing to pay for something they don’t need. If this is the case, your time on the market could increase and reduce your potential buyer pool!

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