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What is the market price trend if we switch to battery?

Today including BMW, Mercedes-Benz machines (combustion engine) each cost about USD 2300.


But what about after switching to batteries?


A large part of the price of a battery is determined by how many grams of lithium, nickel, cobalt, copper, manganese, graphite, rare earth and other metals are required for each battery.


We build one, ten, ten thousand, and the cost of each will drop, but not much.


All of these metals have doubled in price recently,


We use the current price of materials to calculate, in fact, the price of many batteries is now a loss.


Because of the price of these metals, its original supply and demand relationship is very unstable.


Now, in China and the world, a lot of new car-making forces have suddenly appeared.



Once supply and demand are disrupted, prices in this world are definitely not growing proportionally.


When there were only 100 people in the world, there were 99 bottles of mineral water, and the price of the last bottle of mineral water was not an increase of 1.1 yuan, but a price that the last person could not afford.


At present, the weight of metal contained in a battery car of ternary material accounts for about 50% of the cost of our electric car.




Recently, LIFEPO4 batteries have also begun to be widely used in automobile batteries, and the amount of cobalt can be reduced, but at the same time, the market price of LIFEPO4 materials has also been stimulated.


According to this raw material cost, the cost of TESLA battery will be around USD 20,000.


This is the current market data, let’s study and judge whether it is reasonable and prepare for the future trend.

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