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Why solar powered batteries are not used in mobile phones?

Let’s be honest here. If you have a solar panel powered mobile phone, you will have to sit under the sun or keep your phone under the sun for around 3 to 4 hours to charge it. Do anyone have time to do that ? And even if you have time, will you sit under the sun along with your phone if you have to use it while charging ?


Solar technology has numerous applications that seem to be very cool and innovative. But at the end, what matters is its usability.


But yes, if you are from the rural part of the country, having a solar mobile phone charger or solar powered mobile battery is a good option.


  1. You can use it while you’re going to your farm on your bullock cart, or you can just keep it in the open area in your home to charge your mobile phone.
  2. It is affordable.
  3. It can be used not only with the mobile phone but with many other low power products like lamp, lantern, radio, emergency torch etc.


I would consider solar power mobile battery charger as a luxury product that I can use while I’m travelling to mountains or to villages or going for a long trek. But for a regular use, nah !!

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