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The black hole of energy storage

The black hole of energy storage: Thoughts on the safety issues caused by the explosion of the energy storage power station in Beijing and the accident of the energy storage power station in South Korea!


The black hole of energy storage

Recently, a fire broke out at an energy storage power station in Beijing. The power station exploded without warning, resulting in the death of two firefighters and one injured. The situation is stable, and one employee in the power station lost contact.

South Korea once again sounded the alarm for the safety of energy storage systems. On April 6, 2021 local time, an energy storage system (ESS) of a photovoltaic power plant in South Korea caught fire and burned an area of 22 square meters, causing a total loss of approximately 440 million won (approximately RMB 2.58 million).

“Security” is a topic that cannot be avoided in the development of energy storage. In recent years, fire accidents have occurred from time to time, ranging from energy storage power stations to new energy vehicles.

The energy storage safety problem is not only caused by batteries, but energy storage safety is a system problem. A problem in a certain link may cause a fire.

Don’t drive down costs at the expense of safety measures.  At present, the bidding price of domestic energy storage projects is approaching the cost price, and the project must be launched in the short term. On the one hand, low cost limits the investment in system security measures, on the other hand, hasty delivery will lead to short system testing and verification periods, which cannot fully demonstrate safety. Sexual issues. Therefore, achieving acceptable technical and economic efficiency under the premise of ensuring safety is a challenge that needs to be overcome in the development of the energy storage industry.

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