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The German photovoltaic battery market is booming

The German Federal Foreign Trade and Investment Agency stated that more than 20% of new photovoltaic equipment in Germany has been installed with photovoltaic batteries since the beginning of sales. This shows that the German photovoltaic battery has become a very important supplement to photovoltaic equipment. Experts predict that this proportion will be close to 100% in the next few years.

The German photovoltaic battery market is booming

The German photovoltaic battery market is currently booming. From the launch of the KfW Bank’s project to promote photovoltaic batteries in May 2013 to the end of 2014, more than 15,000 photovoltaic battery systems have been installed in German households. Demand in this market will continue to grow. The price of photovoltaic equipment and photovoltaic batteries will become cheaper and cheaper. Therefore, the current generated and stored by solar energy in the next three years will be cheaper than ordinary current, which also promotes the vigorous development of photovoltaic batteries.

German photovoltaic battery market

The German Federal Agency for Foreign Trade and Investment is the foreign trade and domestic investment agency of the German Federal Government. This organization provides consulting and support for foreign companies entering the German market, and assists companies established in Germany to enter foreign markets. At the International Solar Energy Industry and Photovoltaic Engineering Exhibition held in Shanghai from April 27 to 30, 2015, experts from the German Federal Foreign Trade and Investment Agency will introduce German business opportunities in this field to Chinese investors.

The future development direction of the German photovoltaic battery market

Tobias Rothacher, an expert at the German Federal Agency for Foreign Trade and Investment, said that photovoltaic battery systems are playing an increasingly important role in Germany. He pointed out that many battery system equipment have been installed in Germany, and most of the batteries used are from China. Therefore, there is huge potential for cooperation between Germany and Chinese companies in the joint research and development, production and promotion of future battery systems.

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