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The world’s largest virtual residential solar energy storage station

Known as the world’s largest residential virtual power plant was born in the suburbs of Adelaide, where the reliability of power supply is the most important public policy issue here.

The virtual power plant was initiated by AGL Energy Company, which connects hundreds of residential solar panels and solar batteries to form a 5 MW virtual solar power station.

The world's largest virtual residential solar battery project

Andy Weixi, General Manager and CEO of AGL Energy, said: “Our South Australia virtual power plant demonstration project is a practical application example of a new energy future.”

AGL said that the federal government through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) provided up to $5 million in support for the $20 million project.

This project is not the same as standard residential battery energy storage, because the operation of these solar batteries can be remotely controlled.

The world's largest virtual residential solar energy storage station

These solar batteries can not only be used to power the home, but also can be uniformly deployed to serve the grid when the stability and reliability of the entire system are under pressure.

The construction period of the virtual power plant is 18 months and will be implemented in three phases. AGL said it expects to complete the deployment of 1,000 batteries in Adelaide before next year.

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