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What is the most efficient solar system for home use?

You Can Have A Home Powered by Solar Energy

The future of electricity is here and you’ve probably already heard about some of the benefits that solar panels have to offer. More and more people living in Singapore are attracted to the idea, but repelled by the cost. In truth, although the outright cost is quite high, in the long run you can more than recoup the amount invested from your savings on your utility bills every month.

Why Solar Panels?

In addition to saving you money every month, solar panels are long lasting and don’t require much upkeep (spot cleaning and inspection of mounting structures and electrical connections once per year). Rezeca offers our clients 2 years of free maintenance. They also have the least negative impact on the environment, don’t produce greenhouse gas or pollute the water or the air (unlike nuclear power plants). They’re very quiet, increase the value of your property, and can even make you money by selling excess electricity!

How Do They Work?

Solar panelsmodules contain what are called photovoltaic (photo=light, voltaic=electricity) cells which are made from silicon and are used to transform sunlight into electricity.

The solar panels are made up of cells which are created by placing a negative and a positive film of silicon underneath a thin slice of glass. Photons from the sun then beat down onto this and knock the electrons off of the silicon.

The inverter then takes the direct current of electricity, and turns it into 240-volt AC.

What About The Price?

The initial cost of solar panel installation isdependent upon factors such as the equipment being used, how and where it is mounted, the system size or rating, the amount of electricity it produces, the size of your home, and the cost of labour.

However, any extra electricity your system produces can be sold back to the power grid, thus offsetting costs in the form of reimbursement, which means that your solar panel system will start saving you money that much more quickly!

Solar energy in Singapore is heading in a very positive direction and the goal is to increase the current 260 megawatt-peak of solar capacity to 2 gigawatt-peak by the year 2030. This is an attainable goal, and if (or when, rather) it is reached, it will mean being able to meet the power needs of nearly 350,000 homes! How incredible is that?

There is no doubt that solar panels are the future of electrical energy, and for very good reason. So what are you waiting for? Join the hundreds of people switching today and help our mother earth and future generations while at the same time putting a smile on your face (and in your wallet!).

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