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What is the true cost of solar power?

The true cost of doing anything is enormous. No matter what a factory builds, the factory has to be built at an energy cost. The workers who built it have to drive to work; they drive cars/trucks that were also built in factories, and the same with every material used. It goes on and on and can only be solved if the sum of everything man does and has every done is counted and divided somehow into everything ever built or accomplished and somehow pro-rated back to a single or group of factories. Every bit of knowledge and know-how involved came from human minds that went to schools and universities, which themselves were built with all the energies involved. It goes on and on. At some point one has to skip that deep cost and start analyzing at a point nearer to the process involved, with more direct ordinary costs, like materials, fuel costs, transportation – costs that might economically show up on accounting books. In the special case of energy there are many more externality costs involved, such as environmental impact in the largest sense. Being sustainable means by definition that mankind might actually live on this planet a long time, and what is that worth? Past some point, everything that will ever exist forward are part of the relative benefit of sustainable means. Solar energy is free but the many means of utilizing it usefully aren’t; however it sure beats fossil fuel plants, where the fuels cost and will only cost more and more as they become scare, then so much it can’t happen anymore. So the future is brought to us, sooner or later, by sustainable means, or there is no future. Solar energy and efficiency win

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