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Which is better, one 12v 200ah battery or 4 x 3.2v 50Ah battery?

Under normal use, a single battery is better. Using four batteries of the same specification in parallel can also achieve nearly the same capacity, but the Abnormal Voltage Gap of the four batteries must be considered. It is impossible for the four batteries to reach the exact same voltage difference. The comparison of the voltage drop of such a battery when it is fast, it will affect the life of the remaining batteries.

Therefore, industrial batteries such as 12V 200Ah and 12V 50Ah are generally equipped with BMS (battery management system) to achieve built-in balance to avoid abnormal pressure drop.

But you can also refer to the modular battery. The battery is made up of many battery modules in series and in parallel, and the Self-Balancing is achieved through BMS.

For example, the 12V 7Ah modular battery can reach up to 4S10P, which is 48V 70Ah, in series and parallel. You can configure the voltage and capacity according to your needs without worrying about harm to the battery.

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