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Which manufacturer in China sell the best solar LED street light?

Which manufacturer in China sell the best solar LED Street light?

This is a good question and it took me some time to find a good partnership with 1 great factory. The first large batch of street lights powered by solar panels we bought in 2013 was quiet expensive and not delivered as promised according to the BOM. We found out about this after half year later, and luckily most of the lights worked, but in less than 2 years all batteries were exhausted. This was a reason for me to visit most of these factories in China, and to switch with the right partner.

At this moment, we changed most of the components we bought back then, in order to be able to deal with the needs of customers in tropical areas with harsh conditions around the equator.

The Solar Led street light is a great invention, but requires a perfect configuration in order to be sure you are not installing lights that are ‘under-engineered’. Obviously, this issue will cause problems, which can appear already after 3 months. When the battery capacity is too small for the requested load, obviously the light will not last for long.

Especially the battery type and capacity can give you trouble. Only specifying ‘Lithium battery’ is definitely not enough… Check these lithium battery types here: Lithium battery .

Nowadays most of the solar lighting factories advice you to work with a medium quality battery, the so called ‘Ternary‘ lithium battery aka ‘Li(NiCoMn)02’. We don’t advice it, it’s not going to last as long as they claim.

My suspicions are backed up by some of the Solar Streetlight Factory sales workers that switch jobs very regularly, and are more open about quality of previous supplier. Or that come back to you after leaving with claims such as: ‘Luckily we didn’t cooperate yet with my previous company, their quality was bad’. ‘Now it’s better’. Obviously, I prefer not to work with sales people that switch jobs frequently and sell items they don’t believe in. I am working stable with same supplier for the standard items, which brought me a lot of important knowledge of the product.

Besides this, you MUST know for sure the battery is really the battery that you want to have. Only a few factories have direct contact with the battery supplier brands of the higher quality range. In our case, the outside looked the same as our requested battery, but it was not provided by the supplier back then.

Battery is obviously one important component. Other influencers are: use of MPPT controller, good heat dissipation, LEDs with high lumen efficiency, usages of high efficient solar cells, stable quality connectors, etc.

The current Solar LED Streetlight generations we provided works for more than 3.5 years, almost flawlessly. If I can help, just send me a message.

To come back to your questions : which manufacturer is good in China?: they could all be good, if you know what you are buying, you specify it correctly and make sure that the specified quality is respected by the manufacturer during the production process.

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